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It was in the early 90s when I started working in a distribution company that sold the wines of a local Cooperative. Four years later, I was working there and, like all of us in this sector, I was fascinated by the world of wine from the very beginning. Maybe it was the landscape or the fact that our work has changed very little from methods used 8,000 years ago. Or perhaps, that in increasingly individualistic societies, those of us involved in the wine sector are social and supportive, friends for life from the very first meeting, I don't know...

After a journey of more than 30 years working in the industry, enjoying my surroundings, learning from good colleagues and with a lot of training and curiosity, the adventure of Luis Oliván Vinos y Viñedos began. I am proud to share effort and dreams with honest winegrowers and winemakers, who provide us with their grapes, their vineyards or even working spaces in which to make wine. Our aim is to be different, not only as a pure survival tactic, but because deep down that is who we are. And we will spend as much time as possible on the land that gives us its energy.

Memories of my childhood

Many of my happiest memories took place in the fields and orchards of La Hoya de Huesca and El Abadiado as my extended family members were farmers and gardeners. Wine and vineyards have always been present.

"I remember cutting back the vines at the end of winter, the harvest for the Pilar festival and the dark underground cellar with the stone press and huge vats, the aromas that seemed to come from the bottom of the earth... "

“It is said that the olfactory memory gives us our clearest memories and my recollections include the most typical of Spanish snacks; bread, wine and sugar. Every year I still recall my uncle Vitorino fetching the wine pitcher from Bespén to cool down after gruelling work in the fields, where we spent summer days amongst tomatoes, potatoes and lettuce.”


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