Somontano Garnacha wines

In the top of the best Spanish red wines, Garnacha always plays a leading role, now finally recognised as a world-class grape variety. This vine is noble and strong, so well adapted to the harsh conditions of the Iberian Peninsula that it is able to regulate even the slightest loss of water during droughts through its leaves. Although much more numerous in the past, today it enjoys well-deserved recognition, and if we avoid excessive yields, Garnacha reflects the territory in which it is planted like few other varieties.

At the end of the 15th century, with the expansion of the Crown of Aragon, it reached Italy through the Mediterranean and crossed the Pyrenees to France, where it is now important in the southern Rhône and Languedoc-Roussillon. This variety is also present in South America, Australia, USA and China. In Spain we find Garnacha mainly in La Rioja, Sierra de Gredos, Navarra, Catalonia and Aragon. Different soils and different approaches that escape from the general idea of opulent wines, with high alcohol content, a lot of volume and very ripe fruit. We can also find fine, elegant, vertical, almost electric wines, depending on variables such as altitude, climate and the hand of man. In some we will notice the red fruit almost like a candy while in others the white pepper will stand out elegantly. Another idea to banish is that the use of wood is not useful because of its rapid oxidation, it is rather the use of new or used barrels and the capacity of these (generally better large) depending on the needs of the variables to get right. The styles are infinite if we add the age of the vineyard as a determining factor. In Aragon, vines are grown in different areas as diverse as the mountains, the pre-Pyrenees, the Ebro valley and the foothills of the Iberian system. It is easy to imagine the difference in style that we will find in garnachas produced in such different areas. All of them produce wines with their own personality and marked typicity that we must know and understand.

One reality has taken root in all these corners: Garnacha, cultivated and treated with respect, brings value, reputation and future to its producers and creates demand in international markets.

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