Luis Oliván

Where we come from and where we are going

It was in the early 90s when I started working in a distribution company that marketed the wines of a local cooperative. Four years later I was working there, and like all of us in this sector, I was fascinated by this world from the very beginning. It could be the landscapes, the fact that we do something not very different from what was done 8000 years ago or, perhaps, that in increasingly individualistic societies, we wine people are social, supportive, we know each other once and we are there for life, I don't know?

After a journey of 30 years working and enjoying places and learning from good colleagues, a lot of curiosity and training, I started this adventure called Luis Oliván Vinos y Viñedos, sharing efforts and illusions with honest winegrowers and winemakers who will provide us with their grapes, their vineyards and spaces to produce our wines, we will be different for an almost survival reason or because deep down we are like that, ...and treading as much as possible on the land where we were born.

Memories of my childhood

A good number of the notes in my memory take place in the countryside and in the vegetable garden, my family have been farmers and market gardeners in La Hoya de Huesca and El Abadiado, wine and vineyards have always been present.

"I remember at the end of the winter, at the end of the winter, chopping the vines with the grape harvester, the harvest for the Pilar and the dark underground cellar with the stone wine press, the big vats, the aromas that seemed to come from the bottom of the earth...".

"It is said that the olfactory memory gives us the clearest memories: the snack with bread, wine and sugar, in the summers I can still see my uncle Vitorino with the wine barrel that he used to go to Bespén to refresh himself from the hard work in the vegetable garden where we spent the summers among tomatoes, potatoes and salads".


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