Garnacha de Bespén "Las Pilas"

Producer's impressions: Ruby red color with a medium layer, aromas of red fruits, scrubland, fresh and mineral on the palate, with an agile mid palate, long finish.

Elaboration: 50% destemmed grapes 50% whole bunches. Spontaneous fermentation with wild yeasts in stainless steel tanks, discovered early to limit the extraction of tannins, resting for 7 months in 600-liter French barrels.

Agricultural cycle 2019-2020

Fall temperatures were mild and rain was normal for the season. After a humid and temperate winter with many persistent fogs, a very rainy spring arrived that produced a considerable change in the bunches, reducing production. The continuous storms that crossed the peninsula produced precipitations that were double the normal of this cycle. At the beginning of April a frost reduced production again. May had it all ... the onset of mildew, hail on 29, ... June continued with almost tropical circumstances due to the range of temperatures, rainfall and humidity; With a lot of effort with the management of the vegetation and several copper and sulfur treatments, we managed to control the fungal attacks, that is, the episodes of gale after the rain were of great help. to remove moisture. With a very dry and hot summer, tranquility arrived, a very high average temperature and few rains brought us to September where a slow and complete ripening of the bunches was completed..


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