Claret of Bespén

Producer's impressions: Pale strawberry colour, aromas of white peach, wild strawberries and grapefruit. On the palate it is "sharp", fresh, mineral and savory, inciting the long drink.
Bottling: February 2022
Grade: 12º

Elaboration: Clarets are produced “in the vineyard”, plots where there are strains of white and red grapes in different percentages depending on availability or the preferences that the winegrower had when planting them. The objective was that this diversity protected the crops from possible frosts or diseases, since each caste has different vegetative cycles and in this way the risk of possible calamities is minimized. The white variety gives wines more acidity and makes them more stable. Early harvest, maceration and beginning of fermentation with the skins. After three days, it is devatted, fermented in stainless steel tanks with wild yeasts, temperature control, no malolactic fermentation.

Characteristics of the vintage: 2021 has been characterized by low rainfall, barely 300 mm between the months of January to October. Weather conditions that have favored a vineyard cultivation with hardly any phytosanitary treatments.
The first part of the winter was cold and dry, which was beneficial for the correct healing of the pruning wounds. In January the storm left us with significant snowfalls, with the consequent accumulation of water reserves in the subsoil. Fortunately, the region of Hoya de Huesca did not experience the negative effect of extremely low temperatures that Filomena brought with it in other provinces. Spring began with warmer temperatures than usual and hardly any rain, which translated into earlier plant budding. However, a colder period soon arrived that caused a vegetative stop. Veraison began in mid-July. In general, the summer of 2021 was mild and cool, without the damaging heat waves that August usually brings us, September was warm, stable and dry to round off a perfect phenolic maturation, as we have rarely had. The extraordinary health status of our grapes has allowed the fermentations to be progressive and complete, obtaining wines that enjoy a magnificent balance, with a moderate graduation and showing that refreshing acidity that makes our wines attractive and easy to drink.


Year: 2021
Brand: Luis Oliván
Municipality:: Bespén, Huesca, Aragón
Geographical indication: not attached to D.O
Varieties: white and red grape strains.
Vineyard: area in Bespén surface area 1.5 ha. Deep soils with clay-calcareous components mixed with sand.
Altitude: 490 m.
Driving: Trellis
Cultivation: traditional, with minimum necessary treatments. Yield 2 kg strain
Harvest date: September 15
Grade: 12º


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